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What Is The Point Of Local SEO?

Have you heard about Local SEO?  If you’re new to the SEO world, you might think that this means spending a lot of money on local advertising or buying spots in the media and allowing those ads to translate into higher rankings for local or targeted keywords.

If you follow the general rules of SEO to rank organically, then yes you should see your rankings improve for terms or keywords connected with your product or brand.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will see your business rank at the top of Page 1 in your local city.

You may ask yourself why bother ranking locally if I rank strongly for broader, generic terms with higher search volume.  The answer to that question is primarily due to the growth in mobile and tablet web browsing.

In much of the developed world, people live on their smartphones.  Whether at work or sitting at home watching TV, people are browsing the web using their phones, and often do so more frequently than using a desktop or laptop computer.

But when doing Google searches on a smartphone, the first thing that often pops up in the search results is a Google map.  The map lists local businesses that provide the product or service you entered into the search engine.  However, these businesses appear based on how successfully they use Local SEO to improve their rankings in that city.

Ranking on the Google map is especially important for mobile web searches.  Smartphones and tablets have smaller screens than laptop or desktop computers, and people are more likely to click on the first search result that appears.  If you are not ranking on the map, there is a strong possibility you could miss out on a core group of your target market.

To improve your local rankings, you must ensure data on your site meets certain requirements that appease Google.  This can be done by organizing a Local SEO checklist, and submitting the necessary changes to satisfy Google.

Some of the basic requirements include:

These are only some of the steps to help improve Local SEO rankings, but following each of these guidelines should be a top priority to help rank locally.  Once you have your plan in motion, begin monitoring local trends and start ranking!

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