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Critter Search Inc.

Web Design & Development

Critter Search Inc excels at tracking the performance of websites in search engine results and the discussions generated by internal and promotional website content. But there would be nothing to track without the ability to design, develop, and expand our clients’ websites to meet or exceed the requirements dictated by Google and webmasters around the world.

Our developers are experts at creating, analyzing, and reconfiguring website code that will improve your site’s quality and performance in the eyes of Google. As with our SEO department, coding is a very thorough, articulate, and repetitive process that requires constant tracking of the site’s performance.

Web Design is a complex process undertaken by developers in order to make a website as appealing and straightforward as possible for users. When Google and other search engines rank web pages, the rankings rely heavily on user experiences and a simple navigational process of the site’s inner pages. Convenience and accessibility are crucial in today’s market, along with a visually appealing site to attract and retain the attention of web browsers.

Web Development incorporates web design, but also goes significantly deeper than that. Critter Search developers specialize in web application technologies, which can be used to construct or alter the structure of your website. Some of the programming languages used by our team include HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, PHP, and CSS3.

Our developers design and construct their own engines, APIs, and libraries to store content, images, and codes used for your website. The important Drupal CMS program and its upgrades are also commonly used for development, which makes it easier for our SEO team to review the quality of our clients’ pages and make any necessary changes to the layout or content embedded on the web pages.

Our team of web designers and developers work tirelessly to ensure your site maintains its position in search engine results. We are experts at making pages visually appealing, and straightforward to navigate.


Web Development Skills and Services:

Usability, site structure, and functionality optimization
XML sitemap creation, robots, txt
Google analytics management & implementation
Proprietary engine development

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Link Building
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Marketing

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