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Social Media Marketing

Critter Search Inc evolves with the changing nature of the internet, and recognizes there are limitations by focusing all efforts on website development or keyword tracking. Engagement with client fans, customers, and their respective industries as a whole is crucial in staying connected and relevant in today’s world of SEO.

Social media marketing is essential to any marketing strategy of a specific business or their SEO consultants. The world of social media changed the way people search for and retain information by relying heavily on recommendations from friends or followers. Engagement on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter along with the increasingly popular Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Instagram has become essential for successful SEO strategies.

Social media marketing revolves around creativity, and harnessing that creativity to spread your brand’s message across the web. Our social media team is involved in trending discussions, and ensures our clients are connected to newsworthy breakthroughs or events that are relevant to their respective industries.

The goal of social media marketing is to increase awareness of your product or service by sharing content or creating discussions that are interesting for readers, fans, or customers. The goal is to engage with loyal or devoted followers who in turn involve their networks in the discussions, which ideally increases the traffic to your business.

Social media has truly created a global communicative system that helps spread your message, and also allows SEO specialists to find new opportunities to improve website rankings. This system allows our team to go in search of the topics and discussions that will help your site gain traffic. Our team is consistently tracking these trending topics, and creatively finds ways to insert our clients’ brands into the discussions.

Critter Search recognizes that social media is part of who we are as consultants, and we use our skills to help your site become a popular trending source of relevant and interesting information.


Social Media Marketing Skills and Services:

Press release writing & distribution
Content distribution & marketing
Blog development/growth
Creative digital marketing strategies

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Link Building
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Marketing

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