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Search Engine Optimization

SEO forms the epicentre of what Critter Search Inc is all about, and our SEO team has over 20 combined years of experience in the industry. Our knowledge allows us to keep up to date as we track new strategies and movements that will improve the quality of SEO for our clients. Our commitment assures clients that we will generate the most creative and constructive ideas possible.

SEO consultants provide thorough reviews of website designs, structures, and the content written on the internal pages. These site reviews allow our specialists to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses, the message of their core brand, and any promotional incentives that can be used to drive viewers to the sites.
One of the most important jobs for our SEO specialists is to increase your website’s rankings in a search engine by first tracking keywords that are crucial to your brand image. We compile lists of the most actively searched keywords related to a specific product, service, or industry and ensure your business ranks for those search terms.

Once we have the keywords, we break them down into primary yet highly competitive search terms, and secondary long-tail keywords. These two groups allow us to target the central words that are most important for each of our clients, while also recognizing other words that provide opportunities to help the sites rank. This strategy has proven successful with several of our clients, and we believe it is the best method to identify opportunities which help new sites rank.

The most important search engine on the web is Google, which ranks websites that are associated to keywords in a Google search. Our SEO team works to rank your site on the first page of that search engine result by making Google recognize how relevant your site is to that search term. This way, your website becomes one of the first visible choices for readers searching for a specific product or service, which should help convert readers into customers for your business.

Critter Search SEO specialists recognize that reaching and maintaining a top tier ranking is a constant process of checking and rechecking that strategies work appropriately. We are always thinking of new ways to improve or maintain sight rankings by tracking new keywords that present opportunities to improve rankings, often identified through our content and social media development strategies.

SEO is a team effort, and the Critter team is proud of its track record!

SEO Skills and Services:

Keyword research and analysis
Meta Tag Development and Implementation
Link Building
Internal Link Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Link Building
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Marketing

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