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Search Engine Marketing

SEM is one form of internet marketing that encompasses search marketing, the other form being SEO. The difference between the two is that SEM relies on paid search listings that buy traffic and viewership of specific sites, whereas SEO relies on organic natural growth using keyword tracking, content development, and social media marketing.

Critter Search uses SEM less frequently than SEO as we believe in driving organic traffic to sites using our internet marketing skills. Our goal using SEM or SEO is to increase the visibility of our clients’ websites in Google search engine results.

SEM is often recognized as the umbrella of an internet marketing strategy. The umbrella contains all relevant marketing mediums including SEO, paid advertising, paid placement, press releases, link building, social media, and website content development. SEM has supplanted traditional advertising, and stimulated the creation of a new search engine specialty market – a market that allows Critter Search to provide its services.

Unlike traditional marketing plans that have a clear development, execution, and assessment stage, SEM requires constant maintenance. The marketing strategy is a complex process that remains a foreign concept for many companies, which provides specialists like Critter Search opportunities to provide services. SEM is constantly growing and evolving with the internet, rearticulating older strategies to help websites stay up to date with the latest guidelines laid out by Google.

A common misconception about SEM is that it is mainly defined as paid advertising. However like other mediums of marketing, it goes beyond advertising. Marketing is considered the umbrella term for a combination of brand development, sales, service, PR, distribution, and onward. A good SEM company will provide a variety of services for clients that go beyond just paid advertising.

Critter Search incorporates a large SEM strategy that is primarily built around SEO, but also includes other marketing mediums to help websites remain important to Google. We believe in teamwork partnerships with our clients to develop the best possible SEM strategies, which we then execute using our skills to drive more clients to your sites.


SEM Skills and Services:

Site audits
Reputation management/branding
Web metrics

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Link Building
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Marketing

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