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Link Building

Link building is a process that establishes relevant links with other popular websites related to your specific industry. In the past, link building to other sites was one of the most important ways to gain credibility with Google.

However, the internet is constantly evolving and strategies that were crucial in the past, while still important, should no longer be central to an SEO strategy. The new link building strategies employed by Critter Search as recommended by Google utilize our client’s internal and informative content as a means to link with other sites.

A common misconception of link building is that higher quantity of links will increase your site ranking. Our team recognizes that in fact the opposite is true, in that quality is more important than quantity. Our SEO team focuses on finding some of the most well-established sites in the eyes of Google, and works with our copywriters to create unique, qualitative links to improve each of our client’s reputations on the web.

Our link building strategy is an ongoing process, as we are constantly searching the web for new sites to build link building relationships. One of the most important aspects of our strategy is to only use sites that are relevant to each of our client’s respective target markets.

Google can very easily flag a site as spam if too many irrelevant links our created. This is why our process may deliver fewer links by the numbers, but the links we do use will add value to your site’s online reputation.

Critter Search recognizes that while link building is still important to the internet marketing industry, Google is tightening the rules on how to use links properly. Alternative methods of driving traffic organically, especially trending content and social media engagement, are more important for SEO consultants in the eyes of Google. This knowledge informs how we approach our link building strategies, and how we present those strategies to our clients.

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