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Google is changing how SEO drives traffic by increasing rankings for sites with relevant and informative content. While link building is still important for an overall SEO strategy, establishing a site as a credible and trustworthy source for trending content is important for the rankings.

Critter Search relies on our team of copywriters to create newsworthy content that can be related back to the websites of our clients. Content is one of the most important elements for a website to rise through the rankings in the eyes of Google, and our team of writers excel at finding noteworthy stories that can be used to help your site become a trusted source of newsworthy information.

Our copywriters spend the majority of their time working with the SEO and social media departments to determine communication strategies for each respective client. Our team tracks relevant keywords important to our clients’ webpages, and locates related discussions on social media websites to get our clients involved in.

A good copywriter is able to place himself/herself into the perspective of a website viewer, and write content that is interesting to a reader. This strategy is used when writing internal website content, creating daily news pieces posted to client websites, and generating promotional posts for link building deals on third-party blogs and websites.

The goal of copywriting is to help improve a client’s position in Google rankings, while also writing informative pieces that make readers ask important questions. If readers are intrigued by the content, the hope is that they transition into loyal customers for our clients.

Our copywriters use popular keywords from your website, and use those keywords to create stories that are interesting, trending, and are most likely to drive the most traffic back to your site. Together with the other services provided by Critter Search, our copywriting and creative team can help your website become one of the most dynamic, trusted, and highly regarded content sources on the web.

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