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Why Choose Critter Search Inc?

Critter Search Inc builds brand awareness for our clients, and drives organic traffic to your websites.  We provide customized Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and services that are crucial for increasing viewership of a website.  The policy at Critter is to work together with our clients, which helps you understand exactly what we are doing, and how it will impact your business. Critter works with large and small companies, sites new and developed all around the world with one overarching goal in mind – to improve your website’s ranking and credibility with Google and other search engines. 

We are experts at finding keywords used in Google search engines, and ensure the words we do use are central to your website’s brand recognition.  Through SEO, informative content, social media marketing, and ever-evolving link building strategies, we help your website become recognized by Google by organically driving customers to your sites.  Our job is to get your website ranked on the first page of a search engine result, which ensures your link is seen by the largest amount of eyes.

Our SEO team has over 20 years of combined experience developing successful search engine marketing campaigns for our clients.  Our website developers are some of the most technically savvy workers in the industry. We also believe in top of the line customer service, and a teamwork strategy with clients to keep all parties involved in web campaigns.  We create quality content to establish authority in a specific field, negotiate important link building deals, and use social media to engage with readers around the world. Critter Search Inc is constantly evolving with the nature of the web. We will increase your site’s traffic to help you increase the turnover of new readers into loyal customers.

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